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Unit I Accelerated  (AFORSI)
Accelerated Foundations of Rolfing Structural Integration.

Location Stellenbosch
Oct. 2nd - Oct. 20th 2023
108 hours of class time
three-week intensive
Cost ZAR 27 200

Entrance Requirements

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Accelerated Foundations of Rolfing Structural Integration is an accelerated class designed for trained physiotherapists, massage therapists and body workers who are interested in training at RISI to become a Rolfer. Accelerated Unit I provide massage and bodywork professionals with the training and skills required to make a successful transition into Unit II: Embodiment of Rolfing and Rolf Movement. Through lectures, demonstrations, experiential exercises and clinical practice, students are introduced to new key concepts related to the mastery of the principles and procedures they will learn in Unit II.

Students are introduced to Rolf Movement Integration and trained in Skillful Touch, RISI's own clinical practice form. Each student is assessed individually, receives feedback, and develops a learning plan in collaboration with the instructor that maximizes their learning experience during the interval prior to the starting Unit II. An informative review of Anatomy, Physiology and Kinesiology is included in preparation for RISI's Life Sciences Entrance Exam, required for entry into Unit II: The Embodiment of Rolfing and Rolf Movement.

Class Format

This three week intensive course is an accelerated, in-depth training designed to tap into the foundation skills students already have, while simultaneously instructing students in the new skills they will need to succeed in Rolfing. The dual emphasis here is on cultivating a new conceptual base and training students to transition their current touch and palpation skills to Rolfing. Students are challenged to explore and learn about the specific features and requirements of touch and palpation in Rolfing structural integration, including how it will expand and diversify their current skill set and professional practice. Upon successful completion of Unit I: Accelerated Foundations of Rolfing Structural Integration and completing all other requirements, students are eligible to enroll in Unit II: Embodiment of Rolfing and Rolf Movement.

Additional fees

  1. Cost of required books ranges from R1 800 – R3 500.
  2. Tuition fees do not include accommodation.
  3. Life Sciences exam fee is included in course tuition. Retesting fee is R500.

PLEASE NOTE Rolfing is not taught in Unit I. Completion of Unit I does not entitle the student to use the terms ‘Rolfer’ or ‘Rolfing’, nor does it guarantee entrance into the Rolfing training program.


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