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Units, Dates & Prices

The next South African Rolfing training will be hosted in the University Town of Stellenbosch, approximately 45 minutes drive from Cape Town.

Unit I
Sept. 4th, 2023 - Sept. 22nd 2023
AND Oct. 2nd - Oct. 20th 2023
Cost: ZAR 51 000
We offer early payment discounts. Please see below.
Note: the training is held every three years.

Accelerated Unit I
Oct. 2nd - Oct. 20th 2023
Cost: ZAR 27 200

Unit II
Apr. 8th - May 30th 2024
Cost: ZAR 82 000

Unit III
Sept. 2nd - Oct. 28th 2024
Cost: ZAR 82 000

How do I apply?
All applications are processed through the Dr. Ida Rolf Institute << APPLY NOW >>

Who do I contact with questions?
You can contact the South African Course Director with any questions via email at with any course related queries.


Unit 1: ZAR 51 000
Accelerated Unit 1: ZAR 27 200
Unit 2: ZAR 82 000
Unit 3: ZAR 82 000

South African students: please about qualifying criteria for partial bursaries.

A deposit of 25% secures your place in each training unit. You do not have to pay for all three training units in advance. However, the space for each training unit is limited. This training is marketed internationally and we expect spaces to fill quickly. Therefore it is advisable to secure your placement for each training unit well in advance.

The outstanding tuition fee must be paid in full two weeks before classes commence.

Internet transfers and bank deposits are accepted.

Early payment discount

Full payment for Unit 1 or Accelerated Unit 1 upon enrolment or more than three months prior to the start of classes qualify for a 5% discount on tuition fee.

Early payment for Unit 2 and Unit 3 upon enrolment or more than three months prior to the start of classes, also qualify for a 5% discount.


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