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Unit I  (FORSI)
Foundations of Rolfing Structural Integration

Time Frame
Sept. 4th, 2023 - Sept. 22nd 2023 AND Oct. 2nd - Oct. 20th 2023
ZAR 51 000

Entrance Requirements

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This intensive course is designed to provide the entry-level student with the essential skills and academic knowledge required for the successful study and practice of Rolfing Structural Integration. Students study Anatomy, Kinesiology and Physiology from the distinct perspective of Rolfing. Students learn guided palpation and touch through training in Skillful Touch, RISI 's own form of clinical practice bodywork. Students also train in the essential dynamics and professional skills needed to cultivate and maintain professional therapeutic relationships with clients. The Unit I/FORSI lectures and demonstrations prepare students for RISI's Life Sciences Entrance Exam which all students must pass with 75% for acceptance into Unit II: Embodiment of Rolfing and Rolf Movement.

During Unit I, students gain experience and receive feedback on their touch skills and client/practitioner relationship skills. Initially, students learn touch and palpation by working on classmates. The final stage of this course includes participation in a RISI Skillful Touch Clinic where students work on actual clients under the supervision of their instructors.

During Unit I, each student, in collaboration with the instructor, establishes an individual plan to maximize his/her learning experience during the four month minimum interval prior to starting Unit II: The Embodiment of Rolfing and Rolf Movement Integration.

Class format

This class meets for 28 days, structured in two modules of 14 days of class time with a one week break in between. Foundations of Rolfing Structural Integration offer an integrated and innovative approach to learning about the human body. Taught through well-illustrated lectures, experiential exercises and guided palpation, classes are designed to provide the optimal learning experience. RISI instructors emphasize the individual learning experience by providing each student with support for his/her specific learning needs. Students both study the foundation subjects as well as develop skills and knowledge in perceptual acuity, efficient body use, and quality of touch. After successful completion of Unit I and all other requirements, students are eligible to enroll in Unit II: Embodiment of Rolfing and Rolf Movement.

Following completion of Unit I:

Foundations of Rolfing Structural Integration (FORSI) students must document fifty additional hours of Skillful Touch practice, as taught during the Unit 1 training. A written Anatomy/Kinesiology paper, discussing specific questions relating to anatomical relationships in the body and movement is required for entry into Unit II. Continuing self-study in the life sciences is also recommended.

Additional fees

  1. Cost of required books ranges from ±
    R1 800 – R3 500.
  2. Tuition fees do not include housing.
  3. Life Sciences exam fee is included in course tuition.
  4. Retesting fee is R500.


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